“Because life doesn’t just make sense when you grow up – and social and emotional wellbeing is as important for your professional life, as it is your personal life.”

– Chris Naish, CEO, The Reach Foundation

Our beginnings

Thanks to a seed grant from The Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation, The Reach Foundation launched ‘Reach Enterprises’ in March 2015.

Expanding on two decades of work in delivering meaningful and effective workshops to young Australians, Reach Enterprises promises to have the same positive impact on adults in the corporate sector.

Our charitable foundation

While Reach Enterprises delivers professional learning and development for organisations, The Reach Foundation is a for-purpose youth organisation supporting young people to get the most out of life. We aim to improve the wellbeing of young people, so they can be healthy and resilient to meet life’s challenges.

Our workshops are underpinned by a sound evidence base of positive psychology, specifically models of positive youth development. We work to mobilise young people’s strengths, build resilience and combat negative states through engaging and dynamic experiences.

Reach workshops are engaging and inspiring because they are designed and run by our passionate, empowered, creative youth facilitators, who’s depth of experience allows them to connect with all young people, from all walks of life.

You can read more about our workshop information for parents on The Reach Foundation website.

Our Operational Mission

Each experience we create and deliver to your organisation is designed to increase employee engagement, retention and productivity.

We do this by:

  • developing social and emotional wellbeing
  • improving self-awareness
  • encouraging deeper connections within the workplace.

Our services are a “fee-for-service” model but all revenue generated from Reach Enterprises supports The Reach Foundation’s core programs for young people, contributing to its ongoing financial sustainability.

Our professional services

Reach facilitators and presenters are dynamic, engaging and highly skilled individuals who can work with your organisation to deliver unique experiences including workshops, key note presentations and events with social impact. They are trained and informed by various evidence based frameworks that underpin our work, such as positive psychology, CBT, NLP and group psychotherapy. This new initiative provides fulfilling work and the next natural step in the facilitator’s career progression.