To create a session for the Deloitte Graduates called ‘Understanding You’. The intention of which is to create a space for the graduates to explore themselves on a deeper level, assist them in defining their personal brand and then assist them with developing a plan of how they will deliberately establish this within their new workplace.


The Reach facilitators used pop culture, physical activity and media footage to engage the graduate cohort in the session. Throughout the 3 hours, the facilitators ran various interactive activities that challenged participants to physically step out of their comfort zones, explore the concept of fixed vs growth mindsets and identify strategies on how to adopt more of a growth mindset default. They also used reflective and sensory experiences to help the graduates connect to their individual values and celebrate what makes them unique.

At the conclusion of the workshop participants have a greater self awareness (particularly around their strengths), they understand the importance of adopting a growth mindset and have built some strategies around managing their own wellbeing and resilience. Additionally, all sessions were run with the graduates and their coaches, allowing them to connect on a much deeper level, and set a strong foundation for their relationship moving forward.

“Reach have played a key role in enabling us to make a deeper personal connection with our graduates.  Their delivery methods are exceptional and extremely powerful.  This allows our graduates to be immersed in the content and the takeaways for them have been limitless” Petra Ladkin, Senior Manager- People & Performance, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.



At Kikki K, they are passionate about empowering and inspiring people to live their best lives, and do so by constantly being curious about people globally. When the founders appointed a new CEO in 2016, they went through a rigorous process to find and induct the right person, and in being true to Kikki K, wanted to take that ordinary process a step further by creating a space that allowed them to get to know one another intimately. The intention of the session was to authentically connect as people (not simply business people), in order to build trust and mutual respect, setting a strong foundation for a high performance working culture.


REACH delivered a unique session that asked participants to open themselves and share their ‘story’ to date, identifying what their strengths are and how that translated into their personal leadership ‘magic’. It created a space for them to recognise each other as ‘whole people’ and created empathy and understanding within the group (which consisted of 3 people- 2 x co-founders and CEO).

“Having been at the helm of our rapidly growing business since day one – and founder/CEO for over 15 years – passing the baton to a new CEO and building a highly effective working relationship with him was initially a little challenging at times for us both. One of the most important initiatives that greatly assisted this transition was a REACH Enterprise workshop.

I’d experienced some of REACH’s work up close as a supporter of REACH and it struck me one day that their unique skill set and capability in facilitating really constructive, honest, no-bullshit human interactions could be really valuable for us – and it was. We both came out of the workshop having done more in a few hours to build trust, mutual respect and a highly effective relationship than we had in weeks before hand. It was highly valuable and without doubt fast-tracked the building of a highly productive working relationship. Our CEO has since gone on to utilise them to successfully fast-track Exec Team building. We see REACH Enterprise as a valuable business partner and will continue to work with them to unlock the potential of our key people and teams”

Paul Lacy, Founder & Executive Director



KFC were running their annual Assistant Store Managers Conference, and were looking for a session that equipped them with a toolkit they could use back in the workplace, to engage and connect with both internal staff and external customers. They wanted an opportunity to practice various skills, such as active listening, story telling and self reflection, to assist them with establishing deeper and more meaningful connections moving forward. They also requested for it to be high energy, interactive and fun, given the audience and the fact that it was the first session on day 2 of the conference.


Reach facilitators designed a highly engaging and interactive workshop for over 380 KFC assistant store managers. It began with some fun, speed dating / icebreaker activities and then moved into a prompted practice ground for participants to begin to sharing with one another, breaking down barriers/ silos within the group and establishing more meaningful connections with one another.

By giving participants an opportunity to authentically connect, they gained access to the tools required to support them in their roles moving forward but also allowed a cultural transformation to occur within the wider group.

“Thank you Reach for being part of our national conference, the activities were fun and allowed me to connect authentically with so many other KFC staff. I feel way more connected now than I did walking in 2 days ago. The work you do is truly unique and inspiring.” Conference Participant, Annual Assistant Managers Conference, 2016.



Maximus International and Reach Enterprises have worked together over the last few years to deliver joint programs to clients such as Telstra and Sunsuper. The founder of the organisation, Vanessa Gavan, engaged Reach in 2015, with the intention of running a session for their internal staff, that created a greater sense of connection and care between the group. Helping individuals identify their own purpose, and then aligning that to the common purpose of the organisation and our team.  “We would like the group to move from “getting along really well”, to really “knowing each other” and unifying on a deeper level”.


Reach facilitators took the Maximus team out of their ‘ordinary corporate world’ and on a 48 hour experience at Vision Valley camp site in regional Sydney. The physical environment was important to remove all the luxuries and focus on the basics of human connection.

Informed by Positive Psychology and Brene Browns concept of ‘power of vulnerability’, The facilitators designed an experience that was fast paced, raw and authentic. They designed activities that unlocked the truth in the room, encouraged honest conversations and asked participants to be bold and courageous in sharing with one another.

“Since the workshop each and every employee has dedicated themselves to learning from the experience and making an effort to better the people around them each day. We have learned to let go, be brave, push ourselves outside our comfort zones, to be open, to be authentic and to be passionate, good people. I have learned that this is a successful formula to learn about yourself, what you stand for, and where you want to go.” Vanessa Gavan, CEO & Founder, Maximus International Pty Ltd.



BOUNCE had recently undergone significant structural changes and wanted to reconnect the group and instill a unified team culture that encouraged trust, honesty and transparency. They wanted to ensure that all employees had a voice, and that every voice was valued irrespective of hierarchy.


Reach tailored the BOUNCE workshop to be thought provoking and reflective in order to compliment the highly energetic nature of BOUNCE’s employees.  Each activity was designed as a stepping stone to access an element of vulnerability. Participants explored the concept of ‘the masks they wear’ and were given an opportunity to reveal their ‘true self” to one another. By accessing vulnerability BOUNCE staff were able to connect on a much deeper and personal level, creating multilayered and mutual respect throughout the organisation.

“The Reach workshop was transformational for our group and really profound in so many ways. Incredible to think what we collectively and individually got out of two hours. We’ll be back for sure.” Ant Morell, Co-founder and Director Bounce.



The brief from Transport for NSW was that they wanted to run a workshop that was relevant for their graduates, cadets and scholars across all disciplines. The three areas they wanted to focus on were integrity, connection and perspective – which they wanted to tie together in a 1 day program that flowed seamlessly. During the briefing process, collectively we agreed to focus on the key areas from the following perspectives: connection (to oneself, each other and the customer), Integrity (understanding self, their own personal values and how this could relate to the organisations value) and perspective (understanding the value, impact and contribution each and every individual could make).


Reach facilitators used a tailored version of Simon Sineks theory of the ‘Golden Circle’ as the base to conceptualise a full day workshop. The day was then separated into three sub workshops, that incorporated and explored the above three areas in a very creative way.

The first session focused on exploring the core of the ‘Golden Circle’ – ‘The Why; the activities asked participants ‘who are you?’ and ‘what makes you up?’ and explored how this informs our behaviour. The second session looked at taking action, uncovering ‘The How’ change occurs and asking participants to challenge themselves in front of their peers. The third session focused on choice, using ‘The What’ to inform the discovery of the potential impact we can each have.

The ‘Golden Circle’ framework provided a solid foundation for self exploration, discovery and connection.

“What I liked about Reach was that they involved the audience in their activities and encouraged participation as opposed to other workshops which you basically sit and listen, with limited engagement. The facilitators were energetic and I think there mood radiated throughout the room which was great. Overall, the experience was pretty cool. The guided meditation/ reflection gave me time to think about my past experiences and how much has changed and how far i’ve come. This was different, interesting and very effective in the realisation of self values. The crossing the circle activity then gave me a chance to understand others on a deeper level and because it was silent people were really open and honest without fear of judgement- I liked that a lot!” Various Participants/ Employees, Transport for NSW.