“The myth about Millennials, is that they hop from job to job, because they are aimless or disloyal. But in most cases, it is because they are impatient with systems that stifle their ability to innovate, be empowered and ultimately stay happy.”

– Peter Gasca, Entrepreneur & Startup Consultant

Millennials are the next generation of leaders, and currently make up over 30% of the workplace in Australia. Fortune Magazine noted that “Millennials view the workplace through the same lens as any other aspect of their lives; instant, open and limitless(1)“, and that their generation is defined by core values such as belonging, connection, growth, and community impact.

When we take the time to really look at the context in which Millennials have lived, and the changing world they grew up in, we can start to understand who they are, what they need, and the values that underpin their generational characteristics. This knowledge then allows us to provide environments and opportunities that engage, inspire and motivate this generation of socially minded, connection seeking, personal growth junkies.


The Motivating the Millennials Keynote sheds light on the complex context in which the millennial generation has grown up in. Looking at their environment, world events, and advances in technology, alongside the developmental stages of young people, this keynote helps to uncover why millennials act, think and behave a certain way, and provides suggestions on how employers can motivate and get the most out of the millennials working for or with them.

  • 45 minute Keynote talk
  • Presented at your business by one of Reach’s highly skilled Facilitators
  • Cost $3,600


The Motivating the Millennials Workshop helps to break down and provide context to the generational stereotypes and judgments that often get in the way of employers and millennials connecting, understanding, and working efficiently together.

Looking at the other side of labels such as “entitled”, “easily bored”, and “disloyal”, as confident, innovative, and hungry for growth, this workshop helps participants to understand the things millennials value in a workplace and how you can help them to thrive, find purpose and connection, and contribute to your organisation.

Combining elements of the Keynote, with interactive exercises, this workshop encourages open and honest conversations between the generations, that helps participants to identify short and long term changes that can help to retain, engage and motivate the millennials in their workplace.

  • 2.5 hour workshop (including Keynote)
  • Presented at your business by two of Reach’s highly skilled Facilitators
  • The ideal group size for these workshops is 20-50 people.
  • Cost $5,500

Note: Reach facilitators are able to tailor a workshop, based on the specific needs of an organisation. Pricing will be higher for tailored workshops, larger or conference-style groups and this pricing is exclusive of travel costs.

“All attendees commented that the Reach team inspired them to think more broadly of the millennial workforce as they spoke from a place of knowledge and experience. Reach provided amazing context and understanding as to the journey that has shaped millennials to become the way they are and uncovered the individual strengths and opportunities for growth that our workshops attendees can have in their roles.

The Motivating Millennials workshop is important to future development opportunities for our D|Academy program as it allows us to gain an appreciation for understanding all of our people in context.”

Lauren Cooper
Lauren CooperManager | People & Performance Deloitte

“I had the absolute pleasure of attending a presentation by two Reach Facilitators, ‘Motivating the Millennials’, which was nothing short of a sensational insight to this much publicly maligned, yet misunderstood cohort. The presentation, requested by Macquarie Bank in the Macquarie boardroom, saw two impressive young facilitators present further facts, opinions and insights in greater depth and with the polish of the many highly paid executives who had used this forum before them. They were open to being challenged, and handled themselves with grace and professionalism. Most of all, the topic was well researched, open and thought provoking.

The talent of these young Crew members was only surpassed by their passion and enthusiasm to share their views, thus meeting the commercial brief set out by the client (Macquarie). Simply put, another unique and refreshing experience only Reach can provide.”

Mark Himpoo
Mark HimpooSenior Manager, Equities, Unisuper

“I recently had the privilege of attending REACH`s Corporate Breakfast, a wonderful opportunity to not only learn more about the work of this incredible organisation but also participate in the “Millennials” presentation. The content of the presentation is very (very) relevant to all businesses and organisations seeking guidance on how to engage their growing millennial employee base.

The Reach Facilitator was a charismatic young woman, highly confident in the content she is presenting. She effortlessly engaged the audience and ensured all participants left with a greater understanding and knowledge of their own millennial network.”

Emily Fraresso
Emily Fraresso Senior Relationship Manager, Westpac

Check out some of our incredible Millennial Presenters & Facilitators :


Max is competitive, dynamic, adventurous and curious. After growing up in Dubai before moving to Australia, he has a deep passion for celebrating diversity. This passion has taken Max through 27 countries, bribed his away across the Romanian/Moldovan border, negotiated passage in the back of logging trucks in rural Madagascar, been extorted in India, and is always looking for the next adventure.

With over 550 hours of workshop facilitation experience, he has worked with a hugely diverse range of groups, from teenagers living in the most disadvantaged areas of Victoria, all the way through to Deloitte’s Managers and Partners across Australia.


Jade is an engaging facilitator with 8 years experience in delivering impactful and inspiring workshops in a variety of settings. Jade is passionate about enriching people’s lives, be it through innovative workshops, creative business ideas or meaningful moments. She is energetic, compassionate and loves challenging people to take the time to self- reflect, in order to truly define their personal goals and ambitions.

Outside of her work as a Reach facilitator, Jade runs a unique event company that delivers breathtaking marriage proposals (from conception to execution). Ultimately, she is passionate about enriching people’s lives, be it through innovative workshops, creative business ideas or meaningful moments.


Al is an engaging and creative facilitator who has worked with the Reach Foundation for the past five years, passionate about all things creative, innovative and playful. Prior to working with Reach, Al worked in various roles at the Oaktree Foundation as a group leader, advocacy manager and logistics co-ordinator.

In his time at Reach he has spanned many programs and finds his strengths in performance and delivery based roles in the organisation. He is the lead facilitator/presenter for Heroes Days (our large scale event for young people), and has held the stage and attention of huge audiences at events such as The Reach Ball, The McLardy McShane Christmas Lunch and board rooms across the country delivering Reach’s “Motivating the Millennial’s” keynote presentation.