Reach Enterprises offers a library of facilitators who can MC and deliver keynote speeches to make your conference or event engaging and memorable.

The selection of an MC or Host is a critically important decision when organising an event, as they are responsible for executing a seamless flow, setting the tone and establishing the energy in the room. Reach facilitators and Alumni are renowned for running incredibly engaging events, whether it is injecting some interactive activities or simply ensuring the event runs to schedule. We work with clients to ensure individual needs are met and that together we deliver a memorable event.

Reach past and present facilitators are an inspiring group of people who have been on their own journeys of self-reflection and personal development. Reach’s learning and development program is heavily experiential, in which participants learn by doing, resulting in them intimately understanding the work Reach delivers and therefore being able to translate that into any future experiences they are a part of. They are trained and informed by various evidence based frameworks, such as positive psychology, CBT, NLP and group psychotherapy, and it takes on average 4-6 years of training and development before they are accredited as a “Reach Facilitator”.


Reach Connects

Reach connects is a chance for adults, business leaders or parents to step into a “Reach” space and experience a little taster of the magic through a 2 hour workshop experience. get in contact for more information!

VIC April 12th, 2017

NSW May 10th 2017

Check out some of our incredible Speakers, MC’s and Presenters :


Tom is a confident, humorous and insightful facilitator with 14 years of experience in developing and delivering cutting edge content. Tom has a natural ability to see the best in people and tailor the workshop experience to achieve the desired outcomes. Tom’s experience is extensive; working with over 60,000 people from all walks of life; from kids in primary school through to some of the most influential business leaders within Australia and everything in between.


Jade is an engaging facilitator with 8 years experience in delivering impactful and inspiring workshops in a variety of settings. Jade is passionate about enriching people’s lives, be it through innovative workshops, creative business ideas or meaningful moments. She is energetic, compassionate and loves challenging people to take the time to self- reflect, in order to truly define their personal goals and ambitions.


Al is an engaging and creative facilitator who has worked with the Reach Foundation for the past five years. Prior to working with Reach, Al worked in various roles at the Oaktree Foundation as a group leader, advocacy manager and logistics co-ordinator. In his time at Reach he has spanned many programs and finds his strengths in performance and delivery based roles in the organisation. He is the lead facilitator/presenter for Heroes Days (our large scale event for young people), and has held the stage and attention of huge audiences at events such as The Reach Corporate Breakfast, The Reach Ball and The McLardy McShane Christmas Lunch.