“Reach facilitators and crew have a unique and special ability to create spaces that allow humans to connect and become better versions of themselves”

Vanessa Gavan, Founder and Managing Director, Maximus International

Reach Enterprises works with organisations to create tailored and transformative experiences to increase employee satisfaction and engagement. We focus on allowing your staff to build their social and emotional wellbeing through authentic connections, value alignment and team bonding experiences.

All Reach experiences are designed and delivered by Reach’s Senior Facilitators, who have years of experience engaging and inspiring people to get the most out of life.

Reach workshops are designed to engage 15 – 100 people per workshop and can be run either in your workplace or at our beautiful HQ in Collingwood, Victoria.

All profits from Reach Enterprises go towards continuing The Reach Foundation’s work with young Australians.

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Reach has been working with Millennials for over 2o years, developing an expert understanding of what drives and inspires this generation as they step into the workplace. Let us work with your organisation to take a closer look at what millennials are looking for in a workplace and how you can engage, inspire and motivate them.

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This workshop allows participants to identify their strengths and reflect on their personal values to help them define who they are and what they stand for within the workplace. Throughout the process, participants share and connect with others, explore the benefit of giving and receiving feedback, whilst also recognizing and celebrating  the value of diversity.

In this day and age, change is inevitable and constant. Most of the time, these changes are out of our control, but how we respond to them isn’t. During this workshop, we work with participants to adopt a growth mindset, overcome barriers and build resilience, providing them with a toolkit  to effectively navigate and deal with change.

This workshop uses creative and interactive ways to assist the group in defining leadership and what makes leaders great. It encourages self reflection, the power of vulnerability and is designed to make “leadership” attainable by all. Participants will leave with a greater understanding of the leader they want to be and how to bring this to life in their daily roles.

This workshop aims to uncover the unconscious barriers that hold a team back from thriving. It is delivered in a fun and highly interactive way that encourages participants to share and establish meaningful connections with one another.  All participants will walk away with the tools to support them in building stronger relationships with both internal and external customers now and in the future.

A group’s culture is not the responsibility of a single leader but of all individuals within the group. This workshop is designed to break down the cycle of beliefs that create “Silos” or an “us against them” mentality. Participants are taken on a journey of building mutual understanding, empathy and respect for one another’s roles and responsibilities. Future intentions for the culture are set and the group is empowered to hold each other accountable to this new vision.

We are experts in working with an organisation’s specific needs to create a one-off tailored experience that can create lasting changes in your workplace. All our workshops are experience-based learning where we work with your cohort to acknowledge, understand and shift the core patterns that aren’t contributing to the culture or community you are striving for.